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We have now opened our Category 'B' certified simulator for private hire by trained pilots looking to upskill, gain instrument recency or just for fun.

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At Flight Experience, we want to provide pilots with a cost effective way of maintaining their mental and procedural currency in the current industry climate.

Requirements to private-hire the device:

You will need to demonstrate proficiency in the simulator and undergo some training on how to use the operating software and to understand the health and safety procedures. The duration of this pre-solo training will depend heavily on your experience.

I have a CPL, MECIR and airline experience...

If this is you, then we expect only around 1-2 hours would be required with an instructor to pass the proficiency check ride and to become familiar with the simulator operating procedures.

I am a pilot in training or I have a bare CPL and MECIR with no airline experience...

If this is you, then the training could take from 2-5 hours to reach the required standard and pass the proficency check ride.

You will require a flight simulator instructor (FSI) present with you until you pass the proficiency check ride and for any further training. You can choose to have an instructor with you if you wish during any session. You can also divide costs and have up to three pilots present in the simulator at once, with each extra pilot paying an extra $50 per hour. Once you have demonstrated competency in operating the device you are free to book the simulator for private hire.

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