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If you hold a commercial licence and instrument rating, you can book our simulator for private hire. You can use the simulator for training, experience or just for fun.

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At Flight Experience, we want to provide pilots with a cost effective way of maintaining their mental and procedural currency in the current industry climate. So we are offering pilots sessions in our simulator for as little as $120 per hour, down from over $300.

The device is certified by CASA to Category B for instrument recency, and for MCC training.

To hire the simulator you will ideally need to hold a CPL and MECIR, execptions can be made to this if you demostrate a certain level of proficiency in operating the simulator - training is also available to reach this standard.

1x 60 minute session - $150
Prepay 4x 60 min sessions - $120/hr

Flight Simulator Instructor - +$50/hr
For Each Extra pilot sharing a session- +$50/hr
* All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

You will require a flight simulator instructor (FSI) present with you during your first session or if you would like (or need) further training. You can divide costs and have up to three pilots present in the simulator at once, with each extra pilot costing an extra $50/hr. Once you have demonstrated competency in operating the device you are free to book the simulator for private hire.

We are in the process of setting up a
self-booking portal for this service.

You can pre-purchase the 4 sessions buy clicking 'Buy Here' in the bottom right hand corner or by calling us.

Feel free to contact us via the
contact form, or call our senior instructor, 
Ben, on 0450 916 340 to discuss the options.

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