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Aviation Australia’s Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) Course is designed to provide you with the team skills you need to work effectively as a pilot on a modern-day flight deck in a multi-crew airline environment.

More than 200 Australian and International pilots have gained their MCC qualification through Australia’s leading MCC Course. Training is undertaken in both the pilot-flying and pilot-monitoring roles during scenario-based, line-oriented training exercises. These have been carefully designed to allow you to develop and practice the skills necessary to undertake leadership and support roles during both normal and non–normal operations.

Your training will be conducted by experienced airline check and training captains who will pace the instruction to your background and experience. The underpinning theoretical knowledge is delivered through a blended learning approach, with pre-course study supplementing face-to-face ground school.

The simulator component of the course is completed in a high-fidelity Flight Simulator Training Device based on a Boeing 737NG, providing an ideal platform to develop the required multi-crew competencies in a modern glass cockpit airliner.

The course is approved under CASA Part 142 and graduates will receive a formal Certificate of Completion as well as logbook endorsement of competence.

For more information and to book your place in a course, please contact us or Aviation Australia. Alternatively, click the link below to be taken to the Aviation Australia website where you can apply online.

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