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Whats in a 737 experience?Watch a video about the experiences

Our Boeing 737 Experiences are what Flight Experience are known for. With the aide of a commercial pilot, you'll get to experience what it's like to command a commercial jet airliner.

Our 737 simulator is used for real commercial pilot training - our simulator is one of the best available to the public anywhere in the world. Our experiences are a must try! There are four durations of the experience to choose from. Scroll down to compare and learn about what's in each Boeing 737 Experience.

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Choose An Experience Duration:

30 Minute Experience


Now: $136.50

This intro level 737 experience is a fast-paced look at what it takes to be a commercial pilot. Learn the basic instrumentation and controls before taking off at an airport of your choice and conducting two approaches, a touch & go and a full stop landing. Perfect for younger aviation fans!

- 15 minute pre-briefing
- 2 Takeoffs & Landings (Circuits)
- 1 Airport that you choose
- Day & Night Circuits

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45 Minute Experience


Now: $171.50

Our 45 Minute experience starts like the 30 minute and adds an exhilarating extra approach into a difficult airport or through adverse weather conditions. Do you have what it takes to land into Hong Kong's old Kai Tak runway? or fly through the valleys of Innsbruck, Austria? The choice is yours.

- 15 minute pre-briefing
- 3 Takeoffs & Landings (Circuits)
- 2 Airport that you choose
- Day & Night Circuits
- A Challenging Approach

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60 Minute Experience


Now: $206.50

The 60 minute allows multiple takeoffs and landings around two different airports of your choice. Experience the thrill of a difficult approach, adverse weather and learn the basics of autopilot. Then add them together and fly an automated approach into a challenging airport at night in a thunderstorm!

- 15 minute pre-briefing
- 4 Takeoffs & Landings (Circuits)
- 2 Airport that you choose
- Day & Night Circuits
- A Challenging Approach
- Adverse Weather Conditions
- Basics of Autopilot

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90 Minute Experience


Now: $276.50

Go all out! the ultimate experience gives you everything contained within the other duration's and adds more depth to what we teach you. Explore the systems and instrumentation in greater detail, fly in and out of up to six different airports and experience dealing with an in-flight emergency.

- 15 minute pre-briefing
- 6 Takeoffs & Landings (Circuits) or a full A to B sector flight under airline procedures
- 4+ Airports that you choose
- Day & Night Circuits
- Multiple Challenging Approaches
- Adverse Weather Conditions
- Master the Autopilot Systems

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Whats in a 737 airliner experience?

  1. Check-In
    On arrival to the Flight Experience™ store, present your personal boarding pass at the front counter. You'll be checked-in and introduced to your co-pilot.
  2. Meet your first officer
    Our flight instructor is your First Officer. All of our instructors are real pilots who have been trained in the Boeing 737 simulator and have a high-level of customer service and instructional skills.
  3. Pre-flight briefing and flight plan
    After assessing your level of expertise, your First Officer will help you choose your flight options and destinations. This includes a multi-media presentation and briefing video.
  4. Boarding call
    As the Captain, you will sit in the front left-hand seat while your passengers sit in the two jump-seats directly behind you. Strap in with your 5-point seat harness and real aircraft headsets. You're almost ready!
  5. Ready for take-off
    Your First Officer will brief you on the primary controls and instruments and then you're ready for take-off! With permission from Air Traffic Control, you advance the thrust levers and the aircraft hurtles down the runway.
  6. Your flight experience
    Your co-pilot calls out 'rotate' and you pull the control column back towards you and the nose wheel lifts off the runway…You’re airborne, and you can start to relax and appreciate the stunningly realistic scenery.
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