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At Flight Experience, we offer group activities that are outside the norm. Our group events are not like anything you’ve experienced before - we create memorable and unique entertainment experiences to remember.

Developed with feedback from professional workplace and social teams over a number of years, our group events are a unique combination of:

- Escape rooms
- Team building & collaboration
- Problem solving (sometimes under pressure!), and a;
- Good measure of healthy, friendly competition

Our group activities are centred around flying experiences inside the world’s leading flight simulators. Our Boeing 737 based simulator is recognised by Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority and is used for advanced training by commercial pilots.

We recommend small to medium size groups of 3-15 people to share a truly spectacular experience.

Our two structured team packages:

Captain's Challenge

Recommended party size: 4-6 per hour

The Experience:
Upon arrival, our certified pilot staff will brief the team on the day’s mission and each team member’s role in the scenario.

Each team member gets to experience 45 minutes inside the simulator, including hands-on time with the controls where they will be given a lesson in taking-off, manoeuvring and finally landing a Boeing 737 into one of the world's most challenging airports: The old Kai-Tak Airport in Hong Kong.

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This is our newest experience, sure to get your adrenaline pumping!

Your group will be split into teams of two. We then play out a scenario whereby your group are passengers on board a commercial flight that’s encountered an emergency, rendering the pilots incapacitated. Each team is tasked in taking control of the aircraft and working together to safely bring the aircraft into land.

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Other Experiences

There is a lot more on offer at Flight Experience, and we know how to ensure everyone is kept entertained at all times.

We have authentic pilot uniforms and hats for people to wear, and to ensure they remember their short lived commercial pilot career, we can provide signed certificates, photos and video recordings of their experience.

While teams wait for others to come out of the cockpit enclosure, we also have two Virtual Reality fighter jet experiences that come with Oculus Rift VR goggles that are sure to keep people engaged. Our VR seats are modelled over an authentic F/A-18 ejection seat, including rudders, controls and levers. Players can choose to fly over the mountains of Switzerland, the New York City scape or The Grand Canyon.

Our professional pilots will brief them on flight controls and instrumentation before entering the virtual environment, where they’ll take-off at great speeds, climb, turn and even perform military manoeuvres.


We can provide catering packages ranging from finger foods and alcoholic + non alcoholic drinks, to basic nibbles and soft drinks - all served inside our store. Alternatively, we can arrange a 10% discount with a variety of restaurants located around our shop in Darling Harbour.

Let us entertain you

Events are tailored for you. Whether for training, corporate functions, staff rewards/incentives, team-building or simply an afternoon of fun for the office. All experiences can be completely tailored to you, your team and your budget.

We'd love to help you plan your next event - get in touch with us today.

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