COVID19 Update:

Plans to reopen have started. Limited booking spots will be available in June, with a full reopening expected for early July.

Opening Weekend: We are opening the Simulator up for bookings from the 11th to the 13th of June for new 30 Minute 737 Experiences. For those three days, use code LETSFLY to get 50% off!*

We will only be offering 30 Min 737 Experiences and all VR Experiences in June to limit contact, exposure and allow us to disinfect the simulator regularly. All other experiences available from July. Limited bookings available, don't miss out! terms and conditions apply.

Our flight simulators are world class, award winning experiences

Step into the flight deck of a Boeing 737 and take control of a commercial jetliner in a physical simulator enclosure. Or strap yourself into an ACESII ejection seat and look around with your VR goggles, before taking off at high speeds.

Whatever your preference for an aircraft, our experiences have won the tripadvisor Hall of Fame for 5 years running. From the moment you come in for a briefing, which you'll receive from a professional commercial pilot, through your take-off, maneuvering and landing, and finally a souvenir recording of your flight experience - you'll be delighted by the highest standards of entertainment and professionalism.

It is an exhilarating experience no matter your age or skill level - either for yourself or as a gift to a loved one who dreams of piloting an aeroplane.

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Our Boeing 737 simulators use genuine instrumentation and controls, and are so authentic they are recognised by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority for active commercial pilots to train in.

Jump into our Virtual Reality ACESII inspired ejection seat, clip yourself in, place the VR goggles on, then zoom off in your F/A-18 whilst taking in the views from outside the window.