Products especially for young pilots!

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Our Boeing Simulator is used by professional pilots for flight training and one of the most amazing and advanced simulators open to the general public. Our sessions are tailored to each customer, so whether your 9 or 90, we have experiences just for you.

For our younger aviators, we love to make the experiences both fun and educational. We offer them the chance to see what the world of aviation is really like, perhaps even inspiring a new career path!

All our pilots and instructors have been trained to tailor any experience to the customer, whether they are 9 or 90, have a life-time of flying experience or never set foot in a flight-deck! we cater for all.

30 Minutes: Intro Level 737 Experience

This experience is well suited for children from age 8. It includes a basic briefing and overview of the cockpit and procedures before flight.

The flight itself takes place from your choice of airport, and includes two approaches and a landing.

Our instructors are trained to tailor the theory & practice to the capability of the young flier.


15 Minutes: All-immersive VR Mission

Learn to fly an FA-18 or F15 military jet around some of America's most iconic locations. Includes a quick pre-flight briefing, before you settle into the military style ejection seat, put on the headset and hold the controls. Then advance your thrust-levers, ignite the afterburners and take off right after take in the 360, all-immersive views!

Our instructors are trained to tailor the theory & practice to the capability of the young flier.


If you have any questions about what's right for your young aviator, please don't hesitate to contact us for more personalised information. We love to entertain and inspire anyone to fly!

We also have a full range of flight simulation experiences suitable for older aviation enthusiasts - no matter the skill level.