Postage Stamp 1/350 British Airways Concorde

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Postage Stamp - 1/350 British Airways Concorde

Jointly developed by Britain and France in the 1960s, the Concorde is a supersonic passenger jet, capable of reducing typical transatlantic air transit times by over 50%. Its four turbojet engines enable the Concorde to reach Mach 2.0 air speed, and its cruising altitude is 67 to 83% higher than conventional passenger jets, making for a much smoother flight. Only 20 Concordes were ever produced, and 14 of these were flown commercially from 1976 to 2003.

This diecast metal airplane model comes in 1:350 scale with plastic stand and is approximately 7 inches (17.8cm) long with a 3 inch (7.6cm) wingspan.